Que 1. Do you provide any regular classes or only doubt clearing classes?

Ans : Yes, we do provide regular classes as well as doubt clearing classes. As per students’ demands, we provide classes like end to end subject coaching, topic specific classes, doubt clearing classes etc.

Que 2. Do you provide guidance for any specific exam?

Ans: We have widespread and profound knowledge of almost all those subjects which will certainly help you to sail through almost any competitive exam of India. However, we mainly focus on the preparation of UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Que 3. I have made the payment but I have not received any reply from your team. What next?

Ans: If we have received your payment, then definitely your query will be resolved in due time. If not, you’ll get your refund from us without being asked by you.

Que 4. I have made payment for say Topic 1. Now I want to learn  Topic 2 as well which is related to Topic 1. Do I need to make extra payment for it?

Ans: If Topic 2 naturally comes as a follow up topic or extension of Topic 1, then no extra payment is required. However, if Topic 2  is entirely separate and unrelated to Topic 1, then extra charges do apply.

“If you come up with any topic which is inter-related to other topics and requires detailed explanation, then we’ll take care from our end to explain that topic in entirety. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Que 5. I stay in XYZ city. Do you provide any offline classes in my city?

Ans: As of now, we provide only online classes. Modes being Teams, Google Meet, telephonic, email and live chat, depending on the requirement and availability.